Who We Are

Works of excellence should be done on purpose. Co-Founders Mr. Green and Mr. Hill have dedicated a combined 23 years in the United States Armed Services. Striving for success and accepting nothing less is engrained not only within themselves but, also into every fiber of the company. We accept all individuals as they are, improving where we can and abandoning ideas, functions, and mindsets that don't work. Our mission is to create an environment where business firms and the talent they hire, can accomplish a common purpose together, fulfilling dreams. An industry-leading staffing agency based in Los Angeles, California, and Miami, Florida. We approach your staffing needs with a customer-first mentality. We place your desires before our own while bolstering competitive fees within the industry.  

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We're Here To Help

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."



Our Passion

Perfection is hard to obtain...We'll come close. Our passion is people. We pride ourselves as being the bridge, connecting where you are currently, to where you ultimately as a firm or individual will reach. Utilize our services as a vehicle to set in motion a new and exciting future. We are, Green & Hill Associates, LLC.

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Los Angeles, California's Office: 

(323) 906-5202

Mon.     8am-5pm (PDT)

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Fri.         8am-5pm (PDT)

Miami, Florida's Office:

(786) 489-3858

Mon.    9am-5pm (EST)

Tue.      9am-5pm (EST)

Wed.    9am-5pm (EST)

Thur.     9am-5pm (EST)

Fri.        9am-5pm (EST)       

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